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Industrial Batteries (UK) Limited (IBLUK) has introduced a leaflet covering the cost of ownership of a battery during the system lifetime.

This is the latest in a range of technical leaflets covering nickel-cadmium industrial batteries and battery applications.

This is often called the lifecycle cost (LCC) but can also be known as the total cost of ownership (TOC) and is described as the real cost to the user of the system during its lifetime.

There are factors that need to be taken into account when producing an economic justification and are important for long-term investments, according to the company.

According to this leaflet, it is necessary to produce a realistic comparison between different battery options for a particular duty.

These include replacement costs, battery lifetime, battery maintenance and downtime costs.

There are plans to produce a more comprehensive IBLUK white paper covering this subject in more detail later in the year.

LCC, a technique to establish the TOC, produces a spend profile of a product over its lifespan; an LCC/TOC analysis is used to assist management in the decision-making process when there is a choice of product.

In practice, the visible cost of any purchase represents only a small proportion of the TCO and although LCC is not the only factor that should be used in defining a battery choice, it can prove an important tool when making a decision.

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