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Lecroy has brought out a single-source line-up of test instruments to support the USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 standard, also known as Superspeed USB.

The Lecroy USB 3.0 Test Suite is an integrated selection of test instruments that addresses all transmitter, receiver, TDR and protocol tests currently defined in the Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification.

The Lecroy USB 3.0 Test Suite product line includes: the SDA 813Zi oscilloscope for physical layer transmitter verification, compliance and debug; the protocol-enabled receiver and transmitter tolerance tester, PeRT3, for receiver testing; the Waveexpert sampling oscilloscope for critical characterisation and TDR measurements; and the Voyager verification system, a USB 3.0 protocol analyser exerciser platform that addresses the protocol layer.

Automated easy-to-use QualiPHY physical layer compliance software and USB 3.0 test fixtures are included for rapid debugging and unmatched accuracy as well as full compliance testing.

Lecroy’s PeRT3 can manage issues such as the insertion or deletion of SKP symbols without losing lock during automated testing programs.

It can also correctly measure BER (bit error rate).

Because the PeRT3 combines the functions and features of a signal generator, bit error rate tester (BERT), protocol editor and serial data analysis system into one instrument, it can fully characterise the receiver tolerance envelope through the controlled introduction of various types and levels of signal stress (for example increased jitter) while monitoring signal integrity.

In addition, the Lecroy USB 3.0 Test Suite includes the pre-eminent solution for USB 3.0 compliance verification, the Voyager protocol analyser exerciser system.

This can record and analyse traffic between USB 2.0 or 3.0 devices.

The integrated exerciser can emulate USB 3.0 device behaviours to allow functional, reliability and performance testing.

Jim Kuo, senior digital design manager at JMicron, said: ‘USB 3.0 introduces low latency flow control and aggressive power management policies that will require thorough testing as part of the USB 3.0 compliance program.

‘Lecroy’s Voyager verification system provides visibility to the logical Superspeed packets.

‘The Exerciser option gives precise link layer control, allowing us to test marginal timing conditions that simply can’t be done using a real USB 3.0 host controller.’ The SDA 813Zi with QualiPHY USB 3.0 automated compliance test software is the perfect instrument for physical-level compliance testing and debugging of USB 3.0 transmitters.

Developers can debug their signal after Continuous Time Linear Equalization (CTLE) and channel emulation by creating the eye diagram and measuring jitter after the reference channel and equalisation as required by the Superspeed USB Compliance Specification.

Finally, the TDR analysis feature of the Lecroy Waveexpert 100H sampling oscilloscope measures Tx and Rx common mode and differential mode impedance as required by the USB 3.0 specification.

The measurements are integrated into the user interface along with a measurement wizard that guides the user through the set-up and calibration process.

Graef added: ‘Superspeed USB presents developers with certain new challenges posed by the significantly greater speed and more complex features.’ Lecroy has ensured that the components of its USB 3.0 Test Suite are as easy to order as they are to use.

Test bundles include all necessary software, fixtures and cables and are available for each of the component tests – transmitter, receiver, transmitter and receiver, TDR and protocol – as well as the all-inclusive USB 3.0 Test Suite.

USB developers will save significant amounts of money when purchasing the bundles rather than the individual test instruments.

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