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Macroblock has developed the MBI5037, a 16-channel constant current LED driver with smart power-saving modes and advanced error detection.

MBI5037 is designed for long use of LED traffic sign applications with power saving up to 99 per cent.

In LED traffic sign applications, the dark pixels will still consume a lot of power over long periods of time.

To solve this problem, the MBI5037 provides two power-saving modes: sleep mode and 0-power mode.

Both modes feature 100uA power consumption.

The MBI5037 can enter in to sleep mode and wake up by command.

It is suitable for LED traffic sign applications where LED panels only need to be turned on occasionally.

In the 0-power mode, the MBI5037 can save power automatically when all the output data is 0.

It is suitable for LED traffic message signs, where portions of LEDs are always turned off.

The MBI5037 features compulsory silent open/short error detection.

It can diagnose the individual LED error of the whole LED panel including the dark pixels at very low current (0.1mA) within 700ns detection time.

The MBI5037 is featured with pre-settable threshold voltage for leakage diagnosis and short-circuit detection to comply with various LED forward voltages.

MBI5037 can support constant output current from 3mA to 80mA and sustain up to 17V at the output ports.

With Share-I-OTM technology, the MBI5037 can be a drop-in replacement of MBI5025, MBI5026, MBI5027, MBI5028 and MBI5029.


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