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Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of a series of low energy consumption, long-life LED lighting systems.

The M-Tube LED light systems, from the specialist optoelectronics and light-guide systems designers Mentor, use LED technology in such a way to provide total light reflection in a crystal-clear light-guide bar.

The light from the LEDs is passed homogeneously to the surroundings along a printed reflector surface area so that the angle of departure can be adjusted independently depending on the alignment of the light-guide bar.

Four product ranges are available: M-Tube System Standard, M-Tube System Premium, M-Tube Flex or M-Tube High Brightness.

All four variant types may be used for creating unusual lighting concepts and effective architectural lighting.

In addition to decorative, creative accentuation and indirect ambiance illumination, the flexibility of M-Tube systems makes them suitable for security lighting solutions.

The M-Tube modular LED lighting system consists of a number of individual components including the light guide, accompanying clamping sleeve and two casings.

To provide illumination on both sides two LED casings are required and for one-sided illumination, one LED casing and one empty casing is required.

Illumination with two LED casings is recommended for the homogeneous radiation of greater light-guide lengths.

The system is completed by corner and coupler casings, which allow geometric lines, longer distance illumination or going around corners.

To provide designers with aesthetic solutions when using M-Tube, particularly with direct light-guide solutions, optional caps for the LED end housings are available in black, white or chromium and are can be clipped on to the LED housings and sealed off with a plug at the side.

The end caps guarantee splash water protection according to IP44, enabling the system to be used in damp locations such as bathrooms.

The M-Tube System Basic offers a solution for all simple illumination tasks using a single M-Tube.

It is possible to realise single lighting effects with up to a maximum of three light-guide bars by connecting up to two optional modules in series.

The M-Tube System Premium offers up to six connection positions for M-Tubes and is capable of a complex geometrical guiding of light with corner and coupling housings, which allow easy positioning of the light guides over longer distances or around corners.

Both M-Tube Basic and Premium are designed for plug-and-play solutions and offer light-guide lengths of 100mm, 300mm, 500mm and 700mm, and diameters of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Other options include luminous paint, 230V AC power supply socket, terminal box premium ports for up to six M-Tubes and corner and coupler casing for geometrical lines.

Applications for the M-Tube lighting systems include architectural lighting, lighting of stairs and edges, emergency lighting, interior decoration, industrial electronics, switchgear cabinet illumination, service light, danger signals, household goods and furniture, illumination and back lighting, automotive, light curtains, signal lights, contour illumination and ambience lighting.

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