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Bandsaw blade manufacturer Lenox is offering a 13-point tune-up for bandsaws as part of its technical support package.

The service involves the company’s factory-trained engineers visiting production bandsawing machine users to solve technical problems and optimise cutting performance.

The facility is offered free-of-charge to existing production users of Lenox blades as well as to potential customers who are trialling the company’s products.

Examples of the 13-point check are assessment of surface and flange wear on band wheels and the condition of the bearings, which can cause early blade breakage.

Band guides are checked for surface wear and bearing condition.

Their perpendicularity is recorded relative to the machine bed and material vice and adjusted if necessary.

Hydraulic fluid levels, system pressure and the condition of the filters are monitored to avoid undue blade wear, tooth strippage and slow cutting.

Band tension is measured with a meter and adjusted, as the wrong tension can affect the performance of the blade.

All elements of the drive system are examined, including belts and pulleys, oil level, transmission noise and filters.

Vices are checked for wear and correct alignment.

As part of the service, Lenox can provide customers with documentation that details each of the 13 points checked.

If any issues cannot be solved by Lenox, it advises what remedial action needs to be taken.

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