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Lenze has introduced its MF inverter-optimised motors, which are designed to fill the gap between standard AC motor technology and that of servomotors.

Standard AC motors have low-cost, moderate efficiency and suit mains or frequency inverter operation.

Servomotors with rare-earth permanent magnet technology are very efficient but are more expensive.

Lenze’s MF motors yield around a five per cent saving on energy.

They also feature smaller dimensions and a purchase cost that is lower than that of standard AC motors.

In order to achieve the higher efficiency and lower purchase costs, the company has taken standard four-pole motor designs and optimised them for use at 120Hz, which is equivalent to a speed of about 3,500rev/min.

While this is similar to two-pole motor speeds, Lenze has taken steps to ensure a long service life.

Special shaft seals are fitted for running at the higher speeds and high-temperature grease is used in the bearings.

In most cases, the high-output speed is not directly usable and motors are generally supplied with a gearbox.

Lenze has a full range of inline helical and right-angle bevel, helical bevel and helical worm gearboxes.

There is a slight decrease in gearbox efficiency at these higher-input speeds, but this is compensated by the motor gains.

The efficiency of these 120Hz-optimised MF motors increases by around five or six per cent compared with a standard four-pole motor.

For example, at 0.75kW the efficiency is 80 per cent and close to the IE3 efficiency level, which will become compulsory in 2015.

The higher speed increases power, leading to a one- or two-frame size reduction; this reduces the physical size, which leads to reduced costs.

A 1.5kW MF motor has a 71-frame size, compared with a standard 1.5kW pole motor, which has a 90-frame size.

The smaller size means lower inertia and more dynamic drives.

The performance takes a step towards servo levels with high acceleration and deceleration.

Full torque is available over a 1:24 speed range.

Currently, the MF motor is available freestanding or as a geared motor for use with the new 8400 motec inverter, which can be terminal-box or wall mounted.

Powers up to 1.5kW were released in the first half of 2010; the power range will soon be extended to 22kW.

The motor will also be ideal for use with all cabinet-mounted inverters in the Lenze 8400 range.

A full range of options can be added.

This includes spring-applied brakes for stopping and holding, incremental encoders, blowers to extend the operating range and plug connectors.

The new Lenze MF motors are suitable for low-to-medium powers and where output speeds from 60rev/min to 500rev/min are required.

With 40 years' experience, Lenze Ltd are specialists in drive and automation equipment for the UK market. Today Lenze employ 60 people and operate with management systems approved to ISO 9001:2008.

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The engineering comes first. With almost 50 per cent of our staff being qualified engineers, the right-sized technical solution to your problem is our goal. Our vision of right sizing means to work with you in order to achieve the optimum solution in terms of cost and performance.

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Our products fit together to make the complete drive and automation system. Lenze products include automation, controllers, servos, inverters and geared motors. Our Techdrives division adds essential drive components such as couplings, actuators and locking bushes to complete your design.  

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Lenze companies are in 29 countries and have sales offices in a further 24. Full product information is available on our website and the international helpline makes it easy to contact us.

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