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Lenze has extended its EL100 range of touch-screen HMIs with the addition of an optional Soft-PLC.

The Lenze EL100 HMIs with PLC offer visualisation and control in a single device.

The HMI element includes free software that allows the set up of production and control sequences.

With the support of functions such as soft keys, complex graphics and multiple languages, these HMIs can be adjusted to the most diverse fields of application via the software.

At the heart of the EL100 series is an XScale processor that can handle even the most complex of visualisation tasks.

It is also energy efficient, which allows it to run without a fan.

Flash and RAM or SD memory cards are used as the storage media.

Displays are TFT in sizes from 5.7in to 12.1in and 64,000 colours, with 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

An integrated real-time clock is fitted with a battery back-up rated for seven years.

The Soft-PLC element of the device can help reduce costs by meeting the industry standard IEC61131-3.

Compared to the pure visualisation HMIs, the PLC versions have twice as much memory (64MB Flash, 128MB RAM) and an additional, maintenance-free Goldcap UPS for bridging brief power failures.

This UPS ensures that all necessary variables are saved on the integrated Flash disc in the event of a supply loss or an emergency stop.

This guarantees that the PLC can be set to a defined status ready for a restart.

Therefore, it is not necessary to save the variables cyclically to a ’slow’ memory and the controller can run faster.

The EL100 HMI/PLCs include USB-A and USB-B interfaces to allow industrial communication with higher level PCs and connection of additional devices, printers, keyboards or communication media.

The basic equipment of the EL100-HMIs includes a serial interface (RS232).

The SD card slot, located on the back of the device, allows SD cards of various capacities to be used.

These memory cards replace conventional hard disks, which are prone to failure, and offer sufficient space for system, archive and formula data or other applications.

An installed Ethernet interface can also be used to connect to other systems.

The HMI/PLCs have a CAN interface that can communicate directly with servo and inverter drives, I/O and even higher level PCs.

This system bus approach saves a large amount of engineering time during the installation and commissioning phases.

The EL100 HMI/PLCs include visualisation software, PLC programming software and the Windows(r) CE operating system.

Windows(r) CE offers real-time capability and is a suitable platform for control tasks and motion control.

Unlike Windows(r) XP, the Windows(r) CE operating system does not require separate real-time extensions, which would take up additional memory.

Due to its miniaturised architecture, the system can be accommodated on a Flash memory card.

Users can choose between Windows(r) CE 5.0 Core, or Windows(r) CE 5.0 Professional Plus, which has additional features such as a mouse indicator and file viewer.

The EL100 HMIs include the visualisation software Visiwinnet(r).

With this system, OEMs and end users are equipped to handle current and future requirements.

The supported visualisation functions include alarms and info messages, plus formulae or trend charts.

The engineering environment is based on tried-and-tested standards and uses the latest software technologies.

Visiwinnet(r) allows user-friendly interfaces to be created quickly and simply.

A project wizard supports project engineers when selecting the target hardware and provides a basic configuration that can be freely adjusted for every project.

The program supports import of system variables such as time or display brightness, which can then be used in the application.

It is also possible to import the variables of the PLC program via an offline browser, while language selection allows the use and combination of any languages.

Visiwinnet(r) can access the PLC variables directly using a driver without the need for the settings of DCOM communication.

Together with the network compatibility of the solution, this enables remote control and remote monitoring concepts to be implemented with the PLC functions.

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