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Lenze has developed a three-level system of surface and corrosion protection that ensures reliable operation of geared motors in high humidity, atmospheric contamination or outdoor installations.

Available with the G-motion range of geared motors and geared brake motors, the new protection system includes an optimised multi-layer paint finish plus other supporting measures.

Lenze geared motors without any additional protection are resistant to oil, dirt and moisture; these new measures allow well-defined protection that suits most industrial applications.

The three levels of protection offer customers an easy choice to achieve a long and trouble-free life.

The level OKS-S suits indoor heated environments with humidity levels up to 90 per cent.

Here Lenze applies a two-pack polyurethane paint finish with excellent colour stability and weather resistance, suiting corrosion category C1 of the standard EN ISO 12944-2.

Corrosion protection is applied to the output shaft; standard brakes, blowers and encoders are optional.

Resistance to condensation and salt spray is good and proven by testing to the relevant standards.

At the next level, the OKS-M, a higher paint specification, allows use in covered outdoor areas with up to 95 per cent humidity.

The highest level, the OKS-L, suits outdoor use or with high ambient temperatures, as well as atmospheric pollution from oils, solvents and acids.

Here the paint finish is again upgraded and applied to areas not normally coated, for example inside the fan cowl and the motor B-shield.

Fixing screws are zinc coated and cable glands have seal rings.

A corrosion-resistant brake with seals and an IP65 encoder are optional.

The OKS-L level meets category C3 of EN ISO 12944-2.

The Lenze system for surface and corrosion protection is available for motors and geared motors from 60W up to 45kW.

Customers gain the assurance of long-term and reliable operation based on these three well-defined optional levels.

With 40 years' experience, Lenze Ltd are specialists in drive and automation equipment for the UK market. Today Lenze employ 60 people and operate with management systems approved to ISO 9001:2008.

Experience and expertise

The engineering comes first. With almost 50 per cent of our staff being qualified engineers, the right-sized technical solution to your problem is our goal. Our vision of right sizing means to work with you in order to achieve the optimum solution in terms of cost and performance.

The complete drive system  

Our products fit together to make the complete drive and automation system. Lenze products include automation, controllers, servos, inverters and geared motors. Our Techdrives division adds essential drive components such as couplings, actuators and locking bushes to complete your design.  

Worldwide, we are there to help you

Lenze companies are in 29 countries and have sales offices in a further 24. Full product information is available on our website and the international helpline makes it easy to contact us.

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