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Having difficulty finding exactly the right spring design for your application?

“Customising the design and manufacture of the requirement of our customers is one of the main strengths of our company and sets us apart from the competition” according to Nick and Daniel Goss who run Goss Springs in Epping. The diversity of products and solutions that Goss have produced is truly staggering and testament to the old adage of “no job being too small or large, simple or complicated”. Take what is probably the most common type of spring – the simple compression spring. At one end of the application spectrum Goss produces miniature compression springs no bigger than 5mm long which are uses to control the actuation of electronic microswitches.  

Microswitches are “hidden” components in a multitude of industrial and household applications and Goss have to provide a coil spring that will work safely and repeatedly over millions of cycles. Right at the other end of the scale Goss have designed and manufacture many compression springs for what is described as “single operation” applications in military applications. The requirement here is that the spring may have to function just once but must be entirely dependable and reliable with the product in which the compression spring has been built often having been stored for long periods of time unused and possible subject to exposure to a wide range of arduous climatic conditions – salt water spray, intense heat, dusty conditions to name but a few.

The two applications described above may be “extreme” but they illustrate very well the challenges that the team at Goss rise to and meet on a daily basis. Close contact with the customer through the design, prototyping and manufacturing stages ensure that the most appropriate design, material and production methods are used to deliver the optimum solution for you.

Design, Manufacture & Assembly Of Precision Components
We are one of Britains leading producers of high quality precision springs, wire forms and pressings
Whether the requirement is for a simple helical spring or a complex multi-stage pressing with precious metal contacts, Goss Springs offer a wealth of experience and supply customers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. Our production capacity is further enhanced by our own ‘in-house’ Injection Plastic Moulding capability for customers who require over moulded parts.

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