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Leuze Electronic has enabled a milk producer’s registration and acceptance processes with its RFID system.

The system was designed to record milk tankers arriving at the production plant in order to provide tractability control of the milk.

RFID allowed the company to expand its previous system, where data transmission concerned the details of a milk tanker’s contents across to the production plant, to a system including vehicle-access control to the site and the recording of vehicle cleaning operations.

The RFID data carrier, allowed legislative requirements such as providing traceability in accordance with EU ordinance 178/2002, to be filled.

The product enables tasks which previously required several different systems to be executed using a single transponder type.

This includes: data transfer from the collection tanker to the production plant; controlled access entitlement to the production plant; reliable, high-speed data transfer; documentable vehicle-specific truck cleaning; traceability throughout the process; increased process reliability; simplification and standardisation of individual processes; and recording of production times.

The technology also offers opportunities for in-process updating and forwarding of data.

Using RFID, collection of data concerning the acceptability of each collection of milk (quantity, producer, temperature etc.) can be automated, allowing it to be transmitted to the RFID transponder at the end of the collection route.

When the tank is drained, all the data of relevance for the milk production plant administration system is transmitted again using the transponder.

Following a trial run in two processing plants, the system is being supplied to other locations.

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Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

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