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LG Motion has launched a catalogue covering a large part of its range of medium to high-precision positioning mechanics.

With complete engineering specifications and dimensions for the Unislide, Bislide and Xslide dovetail-slide linear tables, plus rotary and vertical elevating stages, the 40-page catalogue provides detailed information for manual or motorised positioning applications in all areas of manufacturing and research.

The catalogue brings together these modular positioning elements as a complete range of simple yet flexible building blocks for single or multi-axis positioning systems.

The Unislide series uses a leadscrew drive and low-friction dovetail bearing system and has been used in several applications across science and industry.

The Bislide series has an extruded I-beam aluminium profile with dual 45deg opposing V ways offering high rigidity in all load directions.

The Xslide series is a more compact version of the Bislide utilising a similar bearing style for space-restricted installation.

All these linear stages utilise low-friction bonded PTFE bearing pads on the moving carriage with fully adjustable pre-load.

The stages are available with handwheel drives for manual positioning, or with stepper or servo motors for automated applications – together with a wide choice of motion controls and drives also available from LG Motion.

Throughout all ranges, the linear stages include precision leadscrews with a choice of 0.5mm, 1mm or 2mm pitch in two accuracy grades to match the customer’s resolution and fine positioning requirements.

A typical positioning repeatability for the top grade leadscrew is

Maximum travel for the the largest width stages can exceed 660mm for Unislide and 2,000mm for Bislide.

For straightforward multi-axis assembly, adaptor plates and brackets are available along with a cleat system for simplified mounting of the Bislide and Xslide series.

The catalogue also highlights stage option information including material finishes, protection covers and vacuum preparation plus details of stage customisation and special open frame designs.

LG Motion’s LGR rotary stages are also featured as manual and motorised designs in two ranges covering instrument and heavy-load applications up to 500kg.

The precision worm-wheel mechanical system of both rotary stage types is designed to complement the accuracy and performance on the linear stages.

To complete the offering, five vertical elevating stages are included with load rating to 25kg and accuracy to 0.02mm/100mm.

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