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Simio has awarded a USD300,000 (GBP180,000) simulation software grant to the School of Engineering and Computational Science at Liberty University in Virginia.

The grant will allow the engineering programme to learn and create simulations using the company’s simulation software.

The Simio Software Academic Edition allows users to rapidly model almost any system without programming.

The faculty will use the software to teach students the core competencies of engineering and systems design.

Scott Pleasants, manager of Lusecs Technology and Research Labs, said: ‘The interface is simple, which allows our students to begin their work immediately.

‘Simio’s ability to incorporate objects from Google’s 3D Warehouse allows the students to create robust and dynamic simulation processes without sacrificing time,’ he added.

Simio Academic Edition has no model size limits and includes discrete and continuous modelling, object library development and 3D animation.

The engineering faculty at Liberty will use Simio to teach the students how to solve real-world problems in a visually rich environment, while utilising models provided by Google.

Robert Rich, professor of industrial engineering at Liberty, said: ‘Simio offers the capabilities of examining real-world processes, such as the US Air Force supply chain to the traffic flow of Lynchburg, Virginia, or specifically Liberty University.

‘It provides an analysis of growth rates over an x number of years while offering an analysis of bottlenecks for potential conflicts.

‘This helps in the allocation of resources where action would be needed at a future time.

‘Since you can model into the future, Simio allows us to model the processes to find conflicts and to objectively forecast resources and budgets accordingly,’ he added.

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