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PA and E’s aluminum Micro-D connector is targeted for design engineers in defence, aerospace and other industries where low weight and superior electrical performance are key considerations.

The connector combines the lightweight characteristics of all-aluminum construction with high levels of hermetic performance.

This MIL-PRF-83513-compliant, sealed connector is approximately 67 per cent lighter than standard stainless-steel alternatives.

It can be mounted to a lightweight aluminum electronic housing with laser welding or an O-ring seal.

The connector provides greater than 5,000Mohms of insulation resistance at 500V DC and exhibits no evidence of dielectric withstanding voltage breakdown when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003.

PA and E’s lightweight aluminum Micro-D connectors can be configured with 9, 15, 21, 25, 31 and 37 pin counts.

Its contacts are made of beryllium copper CDA alloy that are finished in nickel/gold plating.

The Micro-D connector has an operating temperature range of -55 to 125C.

It uses PA and E’s polycrystalline ceramic-to-metal sealing technology, Kryoflex, to achieve a leak rate of less than or equal to 1×10-5cc/sec He at one atmospheric differential pressure.

Its chemically active Kryoflex seals provide a direct ceramic-to-metal bond, by means of oxygen-pinned valence bonding.

This unchanging chemical and mechanical bond is enhanced by Kryoflex’s randomly organised crystalline structure, which allows the material to relieve stresses from within itself.

Kryoflex has an electrical resistivity of 1 x 1,018ohms/cm and easily maintained resistance values exceeding 50,000Mohms.

Kryoflex seals allow the use of copper alloys so this connector has up to 70 times the current-carrying capacity of conventional products.

Because PA and E’s aluminum Micro-D connectors can be laser welded into an electronic package, solder joint fatigue is eliminated.

Laser welding is a non-contact, highly precise welding process that produces a small heat-affected zone, ensuring components or electronic packaging are exposed to the least hostile welding environment possible.

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