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SAF-Holland, a supplier of parts for commercial vehicles, has developed a lightweight disc brake for semi-trailers and trailers in co-operation with brake manufacturer Haldex.

The weight reduction per axle is 12kg or 36kg for a trailer with a tri-axle suspension.

The SAF SBS 2220 has been designed for brake torques of up to 20kNm and disc brake rotors with a diameter of 430mm.

This makes it suitable for both semitrailers and trailers with axle loads up to nine metric tonnes combined with 22.5in tyres.

Olaf Drewes, director – research and development axles and brakes at SAF-Holland, said the key benefit compared with conventional disc brakes is a significant reduction in weight without compromising performance.

There are two measures that have made this possible: all brake components were submitted to an intensive finite element analysis and were specifically optimised with regard to weight and strength.

In addition, a lightweight single-tappet mechanism with integrated T-shaped wide thrust plate has been developed for the application of the brake.

As a result, the brake pads are extensively supported and pressed evenly against the brake disc, leading to homogeneous pressure distribution.

Drewes said this ensures a good performance in terms of brake retardation under any operating conditions.

In addition, it reduces the risks of heat cracks and uneven wear.

For a quick and easy disc change, SAF-Holland has retained the SAF four-hole interface with positive alignment for the SBS 2220.

That way, the brake with its four fixing bolts can be dismantled easily and safely at any time.

Transport companies’ uptime is further ensured by encapsulating the stainless steel calliper guide pins, which are matched to specially-coated composite bearings and non-wear and non-lubricated plain bearings along with rugged inverted mechanism bellows.

This allows greater protection from external dirt and debris, for example.

If necessary, the brake pads can be exchanged quickly and simply.

The entire calliper housing has special protection against corrosion with cathodic dip coating.

The SAF disc brake SBS 2220 can be combined with any SAF nine-tonne axle units and can be used with conventional or Integral discs.

This applies to wheel offsets 0 and 120 as well as single and twin tyres.

Combining the low-weight brake with SAF Integral brake disc can be particularly economical, according to SAF-Holland.

Its composite cast design has proved to be powerful and durable.

In addition, it is claimed to be the only brake disc within the industry that offers a special guarantee against continuous heat cracks.

With only 31kg including brake pads, the SAF disc brake SBS 2220 will create a lot of interest with vehicle manufacturers and freight forwarders, Drewes said.


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