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Lime Microsystems has announced the availability of the LMS6002, a multi-band, multi-standard RF transceiver IC designed for femtocells and small cell basestations.

The highly frequency agile transceiver operates at user-selectable frequencies between 375MHz and 4GHz and is suitable for 3G, WiMax, and LTE standards.

‘The availability of purpose-designed transceiver silicon that meets femtocells’ requirements in terms of interference, dynamic range, gain control and frequency agility is critical to the widespread deployment of femtocell technology,’ said Ebrahim Bushehri, chief executive of Lime Microsystems.

The transceiver can be digitally configured to operate in the full range of frequency bands, with 16 user-selectable bandwidths of up to 28MHz.

This means that it can transmit and receive data across all WCDMA and CDMA bands, as well as those used or planned for WiMax and LTE.

This removes the need for individual transceiver chips for each of the different bands, and allows a small cell base station to be reconfigured rapidly.

The resulting reduction in bill of materials minimises costs and inventory for OEMs.

The LMS6002 incorporates a multiplicity of RF inputs and outputs to enable features such as GSM Listen Mode required for femtocell operation.

It has a standard serial port interface (SPI) for programming and includes provision for a full calibration function.

Fine tuning has resulted in additional performance optimisations, which should allow OEMs to use fewer peripheral components.

The LMS6002 is packaged in a 9mm x 9mm 116-pin DQFN package, and is available with an evaluation board and associated software.

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