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Eastman Chemical, a manufacturer of chemicals, fibres and plastics, has expanded its deployment of Thermo Scientific Samplemanager LIMS to its Corporate Technology Analytical Laboratories.

For the implementation, Eastman Chemical also chose Thermo Scientific Connects, which enables the LIMS to be fully integrated with the laboratory’s instruments and can be integrated with other proprietary databases and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems enterprise-wide.

Eastman Chemical manufactures chemicals, fibres and plastics materials used by its customers to make common consumer products.

The company is the first manufacturer in the US to develop and commercialise technology that derives chemicals from coal rather than petroleum.

With 2010 sales revenue of USD5.8bn, the company has 13 major manufacturing facilities around the world.

Eastman Chemical selected Thermo Scientific Samplemanager LIMS for its ability to operate a certified interface with SAP – and the system has integrated seamlessly with it since implementation.

Based on the successful deployment of Samplemanager LIMS at its quality-control laboratories across 13 sites in eight countries, Eastman Chemical extended the LIMS implementation to its Corporate Technology Analytical Laboratories, located at its Tennessee headquarters.

According to Eastman Chemical, the Technology division selected Samplemanager because it was easy to use and could be easily configured and managed in-house at Eastman Chemical.

The company claims it has reduced costs by eliminating paper reports, working electronically and involving sample submitters in the process by giving them access to results in real time.

To achieve optimal quality control, Eastman Chemical needed a coherent strategy that would integrate data between the LIMS, ERP multiple instruments and ELNs (electronic laboratory notebooks) across the enterprise.

According to Eastman Chemical, the overall integration of its connected informatics solutions provided a seamless and secure quality control environment.

Thermo Scientific Connects assisted in the effort, integrating application-specific workflows and helping transform laboratory data into relevant business information, targeted to maximise enterprise system investments and better support critical management decisions.

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