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Linatex has been working with oil-mining operators at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, to help develop better wear solutions and reduce operating costs.

Linatex has developed a compound, Linagard OSR, to handle the oil-sands environment.

It is designed to resist oil, hot water and naphtha, and provide superior abrasion resistance.

Laboratory and field trials with Linagard OSR are said to have shown 50 per cent better wear resistance than competing rubber materials.

Linatex was asked to solve the problem of frequent wear out on the 30in-diameter, 90deg, 5D radius elbows in the slurry and tailing lines.

Linatex hose engineers and materials scientists in Australia, Malaysia, and the US collaborated with oil-sands engineers in Canada to create an end-flange design that allowed for direct replacement of the existing steel components.

Linatex now supplies preformed, 90deg, 5D hose elbows and straight, 40ft hose sections lined with the Linagard OSR rubber in the tailing lines.

The Linagard OSR preformed elbows are expected to last longer than the existing chrome-carbide-lined pipe.

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