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Lincoln Electric has introduced two push-pull welding guns – the Panther and Cougar.

Designed for demanding aluminium fabrication and production welding environments, both guns offer fatigue-reducing features, better protection and wear-resistant security, as well as fast changeover and easy repair features.

The Panther semiautomatic gooseneck-style push-pull gun provides smooth wire-feeding performance with exclusive dual-driven rolls for added pulling power without damaging the wire.

It also features a full-length internal wire conduit to minimise aluminium wire shaving.

The gun’s ball-and-joint socket relieves operator strain, making it feel like an extension of the user’s arm.

The gooseneck’s Sure Grip handle has a snag-proof rear-mounted trigger and a multi-turn potentiometer to make precise wire-feed speed changes.

Its Quick-Mate gun cables reduce downtime and can be upgraded to different lengths or water-cooled operation.

The Panther’s tough leather cable cover prevents the power cable from chafing.

Its electrically isolated gearbox and motor are protected to ensure long life and prevent drive roll micro-arcing.

The Cougar is a semiautomatic gun intended for operators that prefer an upright pistol grip.

Lincoln’s Sure-Grip handle is lightweight and well-balanced to fit comfortably in either hand.

Other new features include refined wire-feed speed adjustment and improved strain relief.

The refined wire-feed speed adjustment features a multi-turn potentiometer that allows both left- and right-handed operators to make precise wire-feed speed changes.

The Cougar also features enhanced trigger protection with a recessed gun-trigger configuration designed to eliminate accidental breaking.

The gun’s abrasion-resistant cable cover prevents power cable from chafing and protects against wear.

Both Panther and Cougar guns are designed for fast, easy wire or drive roll changes and repair.

Drive rolls can be removed and replaced without tools and the D-shaped inner diameter interface prevents unwanted drive-roll spinning.

In addition these guns share interchangeable parts and Lincoln Copper Plus contact tips with Lincoln’s new Magnum Pro guns to minimise parts stocking.

Copper Plus tips offered by Lincoln are larger in diameter for improved heat dissipation to increase the life of each tip.

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