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Moore Industries has launched ‘Automation and Instrumentation Solutions for Power Plant Applications’, a new digital interactive line card.

The interactive line card includes pop-up ‘Selection Hints’ that link to technical product information on the company’s website.

It also includes links to areas on the website where users can get answers to instrumentation questions from the company’s applications experts.

In a concise ‘bullet item’ format, the line card provides instrumentation solutions and applications for today’s mature power plants.

Such power plants present challenges when performing maintenance, repairs, replacement and upgrades.

Often, companies that provided in-place instruments are long gone.

Monitoring and control requirements may also have changed.

In addition, better process instrumentation is needed to improve operations and decrease costs.

The line card covers the following topics: installing distributed I/O to circumvent extensive new wire installation, monitor boiler tube, burner tip, and cooling pump temperatures, track tank levels, and data archiving; replacing and installing new signal transmitters, isolators and converters to convert legacy signals to standard 4-20mA signals, and low-level RTD and thermocouple signals for current signals that can better withstand transmission through a noisy plant; using process controllers, monitors and back-up stations as hot PID backups for critical drum level measurements, and as remote for on/off control or field controls; evaluating new alarm trips and switches manual stations or emergency shutdown applications and for safety instrumented systems; using Hart technologies for smart instrumentation to break out additional analogue and discrete signals, possibly to monitor and provide continuous status data for critical high-pressure steam lines; fieldbus technologies, AC power transducers and monitors, and I/P and P/I converters are also presented.

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