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Holt’s HI-8592 line driver, supplied by Advance Power Components, eliminates the need for negative voltage supplies or inverters that are typically found in ARINC 429 bus-driver designs.

The component includes a negative-voltage converter, allowing it to operate from a single +5V supply using only two external capacitors.

It also features high-impedance outputs (tri-state) when both data inputs are taken high, allowing multiple line drivers to be connected to a common bus.

Different outputs are available for easy implementation of external lightning protection, allowing the requirements of DO-160E, Level 3, waveforms 3, 4, 5A and 5B to be satisfied.

The HI-8592 is available in a compact 14-pin ESOIC package.

‘The Holt HI-8592 is the first ARINC 429 bus driver that can be operated from a single +5V rail,’ said Kevin Brooks, technical manager, APC Hi-Rel.

‘The 8592 derives its own -5V power from an internal Switch Capacitor DC-DC Inverter, thus removing the need for the designer to provide a -5V power rail,’ he said.

‘This will result in cost savings for new systems as one power rail is no longer required and will make using ARINC 429 on existing systems without a -5V power supply much simpler,’ he added.

The HI-8593 and HI-8594 are reduced pin-count variants that have tri-state output capability without the negative voltage converter.

These devices are pin-compatible with Holt’s existing HI-8570 and HI-8571, with the added advantage of tri-state outputs.

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