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Inmoco’s new Exlar EL100 series of explosion-proof linear actuators is designed to improve loop performance and reduce process variability in critical valve and damper applications.

The actuators integrate features specially developed for use in process applications, including advanced velocity and positioning control, high speeds and forces and the ability to carry heavy loads for thousands of hours.

In addition, the fully sealed, IP66 design of the EL100 series ensures reliable, trouble-free operation, even in severe and demanding environments.

The EL100 actuators are both ATEX (Ex d II B T3 Gb IP66) and CSA-USA (Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D and T3) approved for use in potentially explosive environments.

They are based on a design that integrates a planetary roller screw mechanism with a high-torque servomotor in a single, self-contained package.

The roller screw is claimed to outperform rival ballscrews by a factor of 15 in terms of travel life and load-carrying capacity.

It consists of multiple threaded rollers assembled in a planetary arrangement around a threaded shaft.

This robust design is designed to provide precise operation over thousands of hours.

The combination of the planetary roller screw and the servomotor produces an all-electric actuator that is extremely compact yet delivers similar performance to hydraulic actuators in terms of force (907kg maximum) and torque capability, while surpassing them in speed (up to 635mm/sec), efficiency, positioning performance, operating life and environmental impact, according to the company.

In demanding process applications, the EL100 actuator offers a combination of high speed, performance and accuracy in a compact package, plus the flexibility of compatibility with almost any resolver-based servo amplifier.

Inmoco claims that the optimised performance features of the EL100 series actuators can be seen in valve and damper control applications, where the actuators continuously hold the position of the valve stem, or shaft, providing a fast response to the smallest command signal changes, without overshoot, even when friction is present.

This results in improved loop performance and reduced process variability.

The EL100 series actuators are also said to offer excellent contamination protection.

In conventional rotary-to-linear devices, the critical mechanisms are exposed to the environment and therefore require frequent inspection, cleaning and lubrication.

In contrast, all converting components in the EL100 series actuators are mounted within the sealed motor housing, which is IP66 rated.

The explosion-proof rating, high performance and environmental packaging of the EL100 series actuators make them suited to a wide range of applications.

In addition to valve and damper control, these include shipboard fuel management systems, fuel skids, refineries, engine test stands, paint booths and printing presses.

In all of these applications, the performance of the EL100 series actuators can be optimised with Exlar’s EXP series of explosion-proof positioners.

These units also offer CSA Class I Division 1 and ATEX conformity: SIRA 10ATEX1037X Ex d II B T3 Gb IP66.

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