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PBC Linear’s Redi-Rail linear guide has been installed as a replacement positioning system for the Dosis L60, Manchac Technologies’ fully automated pharmaceutical robot.

Chosen for its precision guidance, sealed bearings and oil impregnated wipers, Redi-Rail provides smooth, quiet and reliable travel.

This allowed the Dosis L60 to fill, seal and label 30-day prescription cards.

Manchac Technologies provides accurate and immediate prescription sample dispensing.

Delivered in a compact footprint (7ft), the Dosis L60 system sorts, counts, fills and labels 60 different oral medications for pharmaceutical use without user intervention.

Originally, this was accomplished using contact trucks and rails assembled into an XY gantry.

However, the contact rails would experience periodic binding and system failure due to misalignment and vibration.

This would cause severe downtime and huge repair costs – particularly if the system was out in the field.

Lubrication was also periodically applied, but due to the environment and the sensitive prescriptions being handled, the required amount of lubrications was too messy and posed a risk of possible contamination of the prescriptions.

Manchac decided to search for a more suitable linear guide product.

The Dosis L60 functions in a controlled environment to protect the prescriptions and run correctly.

Pill dust frequently builds up inside the machine and can be corrosive to certain materials.

Therefore, Manchac required a precision linear guide system to glide over accumulated particulate and consistently perform all automated tasks.

The company decided to install PBC Linear’s Redi-Rail linear guides as the solutuion.

Redi-Rail uses a post-processed, anodised aluminum extrusion with hardened stainless-steel inner raceways to assure rigidity and precision.

The rails are composed of anodised aluminum to provide light weight without losing strength.

Redi-Rail’s pre-loaded sliders utilise precision-ground, double-row ball bearing gothic rollers for fast (10m/s) operation, high system rigidity and quiet linear motion.

The sealed bearings also roll smoothly over accumulated particulate and restrict further contamination.

Oil impregnated wipers allow for timely and clean lubrication along the rail.

After installation, Manchac noticed immediate improvement in the performance of the Dosis L60.

Initial testing showed a 20-30 per cent decrease in motor current required for operation.

Redi-Rail also allowed for higher travel velocities without chatter or binding.

The installation process was also simplified with Redi-Rail, supplying high-accurate mounting without the threat of misalignment.

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