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Krauss-Maffei has re-engineered and expanded its LR range of linear robots for injection moulding and is marketing the new range as the LRX series.

The LRX series offers more scalability in the medium payload and machine tonnage segment, and opens the way for customised automation solutions.

The previous substantial gap between the LRX 150 (15kg payload) and the LR 300 (30kg payload) has been bridged by the new LRX 250 (25kg payload).

Another new addition, the LRX 350 (35kg payload) gives customers still more choice.

Krauss-Maffei customers can choose from seven LRX payload sizes.

The smallest linear robot is the LRX 50 at 5kg and the largest is the LRX 1000 at 100kg, with the new LRX 250 and LRX 350 expanding the medium payload range.

Krauss-Maffei engineers have also extended the selection matrix for the new LRX series, so customers have more combination options than with the LR series.

LRX standard layouts are available for three drop zones: in the machine’s longitudinal axis, on the operator side or on the non-operator side.

With the control unit integrated in the robot’s Z axis, LRX robots are operator-friendly and space-saving, freeing up more space for production.

Parallel movements on all axes deliver short cycle times and flexibility in demoulding.

Absolute position measurement enables the robot to identify its exact position at all times, bringing additional time savings.

In extending the LRX series, Krauss-Maffei has continued its policy of offering customers both an integrated and a standalone version of each LRX robot.

The standalone LRX-S versions are ideal for upgrading existing Krauss-Maffei or competitor machines.

LRX and LRX-S robots are fitted with new-generation communication solutions.

The integrated real-time Ethernet VARAN bus provides fast data transmission and failsafe operation.

Data from the injection-moulding machine and the linear robot can be saved in one data record.

The first robots from the new LRX series will ship in January 2009.

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