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Novellus Systems has developed a Directfill CVD tungsten nitride (WN) liner-barrier film for the tungsten via to copper interconnect application in advanced memory devices.

The company said its liner-barrier technology replaces the conventional physical vapour deposition (PVD) Ti liner and metallo-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) TiN barrier film stack.

The WN film is deposited using Novellus’ Altus platform with multi-station sequential deposition (MSSD) architecture and pulsed nucleation layer (PNL) technology.

The Directfill process deposits an ultra-thin, 20 angstrom WN film with better barrier and resistivity properties compared with the conventional 200 angstrom thick PVD Ti – MOCVD TiN film stack.

This ultra-thin film reduces the tungsten via resistance by up to 30 per cent and extends the tungsten via process to the 3Xnm technology and beyond.

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