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Link Tools has introduced two professional upgrade sets featuring the company’s new all-metal locker ratchets with built-in tether holes.

The new sets are designed to completely eliminate the possibility of a dropped tool or a tool left behind.

The locker ratchet tethers to the tool operator, who can then connect any number of Link-Locking drive tools and the operator’s existing socket or socket-mounted accessory, to create a custom tool that enables straightforward positioning and excellent safety and security for the job at hand.

No matter how many tools are connected together, they function as a single tool securely fastened from the user’s body to the work.

The sets are designed for mechanics and technicians who work around expensive equipment that could be damaged from a dropped tool and those who work at heights, such as tower workers, steelworkers and roofers, aviation technicians who not only want to eliminate another source of FOD but also want to save the time wasted in retrieving dropped sockets, power plant FME program workers, marine construction and maintenance workers and anyone working in any place where a dropped tool puts workers or equipment at risk.

For example, the Lockheed Martin Space Systems division wanted to eliminate the damage to expensive satellite parts and the harm to its customer relationships resulting from delivery delays caused by such incidences.

Once the company examined and tested the Link Tools locking system, the drive tools were added to all of the division’s tool cribs at a low cost.

The new locker upgrade sets consist of seven drive tools that all automatically lock together.

According to the company, adding these compact sets to an existing toolbox increases safety and efficiency in the workplace, as exemplified by a 90-day user test at an army aviation training facility that found an overall 40 per cent risk reduction when conventional tools were replaced with Link locking tools.

In addition, in extensive user tests, Link tools were found to be far more efficient than standard tools in sensitive areas.

For example, in the army aviation testing, it was found that task duration was reduced by between 25 and 50 per cent on every task.

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