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Adeneo Embedded has announced the full commercial release of the Linux 2.6 board support package (BSP) for Freescale’s i.MX27 product development kit (PDK).

The BSP targets the i.MX27 PDK, a standard development platform from Freescale.

It supports key features of the i.MX27 PDK.

The i.MX27 PDK’s integrated modular design is engineered to enable a more efficient development process – a critical benefit for accelerating hardware and software integration.

The PDK simplifies development with three separate, reusable modules that work together for streamlined software creation.

The i.MX27 PDK features: A CPU module: a single-board computer containing the i.MX27 processor based on ARM-9 core, memories, and Freescale’s MC13783 power management IC.

A personality module: a peripherals board that is engineered to manage advanced end-product functionality such as touch-screen capabilities, Ethernet and USB A debug module: a common interface board for virtually all existing and future PDKs, the module contains the functions necessary for software and applications development, such as serial, Ethernet, and JTAG interface.

This release is the result of collaboration between Adeneo Embedded and Freescale to provide solutions for Linux on Freescale i.MX architecture.

Through this collaboration, Adeneo Embedded operates as a Freescale partner that can provide support and system integration services around Linux on i.MX27-based designs.

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