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Timesys has announced a Linuxlink offering for the PMC-Sierra Winpath3-Superlite high-performance System on Chip (SoC).

The Winpath3-SuperLite is the newest addition to PMC-Sierra’s Winpath processor range, which includes the Winpath3 and Winpath2, both of which are already supported by Linuxlink.

Timesys Linuxlink for Winpath3-Superlite will enable customers to quickly and easily build custom Linux-based products for the high-performance, cost-sensitive communications market segment, including wireless and advanced telecom system applications such as mobile backhaul.

The initial release for the Winpath3-Superlite is based on the 2.6.29 Linux kernel, which integrates drivers for the reference board peripherals.

Timesys’s Linuxlink offers a highly customisable, embedded Linux development environment.

The Linuxlink Web Edition allows developers to easily mix and match kernel, toolchain, packages and bootloaders to build just the right Linux distribution for their embedded projects.

The flexible Linuxlink Desktop Edition enables developers to focus on building their value-add application by allowing them to easily integrate their own applications, modify the Linux kernel and incorporate their own proprietary packages into the design of their product.

And, unmetered, expert Linux support from Timesys is included in every Linuxlink Desktop Edition subscription.

Linuxlink Free Edition Users can start developing prototypes using Linuxlink for Winpath3-Superlite by registering for a free Web Edition account.

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