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Linx Printing Technologies has launched its Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer with a range of features designed to help companies across a range of industries to reduce coding costs.

The product is designed to avoid the hidden costs of coding through the lowest possible running costs, minimised production downtime, error-free coding and ‘future-proofing’.

Among its features are dynamically adjusted service intervals to ensure customers only pay for vital maintenance; the Fullflush automatic printhead cleaning system; Surefill refill system and Quickswitch software for code changes.

Linx avoids the cost of servicing by basing service intervals on the customer’s specific environment and usage, with intervals of up to 6000 hours possible.

The standard Linx 7300 offers economy in solvent consumption, but for heavy 24/7 users Linx recommends its Linx 7300 Solver option.

This feature is capable of reducing solvent usage by up to 40 per cent using intelligent software to adjust solvent use depending on the application.

The Fullflush system automatically delivers thorough cleaning and drying of the printhead and conduit at every shutdown.

Cleaning times are further reduced by the printer’s stainless-steel enclosure which avoids dirt traps and allows liquid to run off the printer.

Surefill avoids refilling with incorrect inks or solvents, while Quickswitch software allows fast and easy code changes by scanning the barcodes on products being coded or scanning barcodes on pre-printed job sheets.

The risk of mis-typed data is further reduced with an integral USB port, enabling transfer of codes and printer settings between printers.

Data Matrix and three-line coding are provided as standard, with optional four and five-line printing.

A range of code formats is available, including logos and barcodes.

Linx Printing Technologies

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd is a global manufacturer of coding and marking solutions for date- and batch-coding products and packaging.

Our continuous inkjet printers, impulse jet printers, laser coders and thermal transfer overprinters are used on production lines across a range of manufacturing sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive and electronic industries, where product identification codes, batch numbers, use-by dates and barcodes are required.

Distinguished by reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership, Linx products code and mark millions of items every day, and through their network of specialist distributors and overseas sales offices, are supported by exceptional customer care.

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