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Linx Printing Technologies is to showcase its coding and marking solutions, including continuous inkjet, case coding, laser and thermal transfer technologies, at Interpack 2011.

The company’s most advanced continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer – the Linx 7300 – will be on display.

It is designed to avoid the hidden costs of coding through low running costs, minimised production downtime, error-free coding and future-proofing.

The Linx 7300 features include: dynamically adjusted service intervals, which ensure customers’ maintenance requirements are based on the demands of their specific usage and factory environment; the Fullflush automatic printhead cleaning system; mistake-proof refills with the Surefill system and error-free code changes with Quickswitch software.

Also on show at Interpack will be the Linx 4900BC – a bottle-coding solution designed to cope with a range of environments, specifically those that are particularly wet and humid.

The Linx 4900BC comprises a robust CIJ printer with a specially developed sticky ink for durable coding onto bottles and an air knife drying system, ensuring reliable 24/7 operation and consistent code quality.

For case-coding applications, Linx is highlighting the latest version of its Linx IJ370 large-character printer for companies with high throughputs.

Features include an automated self-cleaning printhead with a patented re-circulating system – this is said to guarantee that every drop of ink is used, reducing the printer’s running costs while maintaining high print quality.

The machine has been upgraded with new features to further improve functionality, including automatic cleaning even when the printer is in an idle state.

Alongside it will be the Linx IJ200 thermal inkjet (TIJ) cartridge printer, a cost-effective, trouble-free alternative to label printing that is said to be suitable for smaller applications.

For applications requiring laser technology, Linx is exhibiting an enhanced version of its SL301 scribing laser coder.

The SL301 uses Visicode technology, which is developed to deliver a much clearer code onto cold glass without compromising on speed, while keeping running costs low.

This makes the Linx SL301 suitable for coding many different types of packaging, particularly bottles used for drinks.

For the thermal transfer coding market, Linx will demonstrate the TT10 and TT5 printers, designed to optimise productivity with its clutch-less bi-directional ribbon drive that means minimal risk of ribbon breaks and no mechanical adjustments needed to maintain ribbon tension.

The TT5 printer is also available with an IP55 variant for wash-down applications.

The Linx TTO and IJ370 printers are offered with the Linx suite of coding management systems, which enables centralised message creation, rule-based data management to meet variations in production, and networking to provide instantaneous, accurate flow of information to coders.

Linx Printing Technologies

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd is a global manufacturer of coding and marking solutions for date- and batch-coding products and packaging.

Our continuous inkjet printers, impulse jet printers, laser coders and thermal transfer overprinters are used on production lines across a range of manufacturing sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive and electronic industries, where product identification codes, batch numbers, use-by dates and barcodes are required.

Distinguished by reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership, Linx products code and mark millions of items every day, and through their network of specialist distributors and overseas sales offices, are supported by exceptional customer care.

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