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Yokogawa has introduced its latest generation of liquid analysers, designed to provide continuous online measurements in industrial applications.

The FLXA21 is a modular, two-wire liquid analyser that supports the use of up to two sensors and can be flexibly configured to measure several liquid properties including pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

The instrument also incorporates a number of advanced features including a touch screen, sensor self-diagnostics, maintenance-time estimation, 12 language display options and a range of digital communications interfaces.

Its ability to support up to two sensors of the same type helps to reduce installation and maintenance costs and save space, as well as enabling the configuration of a reliable backup system with interruption-free measurement assured even during maintenance.

The modular design of the FLXA21 offers a high degree of ‘scalability’ and enables the construction of a variety of systems.

System changeover can be accomplished quickly and easily by replacing and adding modules, and users can select the case material (plastic or stainless steel).

The interactive touch display provides on-screen guidance messages to make setup quick and easy.

In the event of an error, the screen displays an error code and indicates the corrective action to be taken.

Several display modes are available, and prompts and other messages eliminate the need to consult the instruction manual.

Sensor self-diagnostics capabilities are provided via the continuous measurement of sensor impedance, asymmetric potential and slope and continuous monitoring for electrode contamination, damage, burnout and decline in measurement liquid level.

A display of sensor status includes the latest five calibration results along with an estimate of the future maintenance and calibration times.

The FLXA21 can be used with a variety of pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors.

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