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Prosoft Technology has announced the release of version 2.07 of the Liquid and Gas Flow Computer for the Rockwell Automation Controllogix platform (MVI56-AFC).

In oil applications, crude is extracted and transported through pipelines that often run hundreds of miles through varying climates, temperatures, and altitudes.

As these elements vary, so do the properties of the petroleum, necessitating flow computers to validate the precise quantity of product at designated points along the pipeline.

Precise flow calculations require accurate data from properly calibrated flow meters.

Meter provers help validate proper flow meter operation.

The Prosoft Technology flow computer calculates a meter factor based on constants and variables affecting flow rates, accumulated volumes, and accumulated mass of the liquid petroleum product flowing through a prover with known volume.

With the new meter proving feature, the module is now able to communicate meter prover test results directly to the control processor and SCADA control system.

Operation of the prover interface feature can be completely automated, can be performed manually, can be scheduled, or can be triggered by events or operator intervention.

The prover interface feature supports these prover types: add-on profiles unidirectional pipe prover; bidirectional pipe prover; compact prover and master meter prover.

The module is unique in that it resides directly in the Controllogix chassis, acting as an add-on co-processor, dedicated to calculating flow measurements without burdening the PLC with complicated flow algorithms.

Additional features include: multiple, independently configuratble meter streams – the module supports up to 16 meter runs with four streams per meter and allows the PLC/PAC to switch the active stream via program logic, and each of the 16 meter channels are individually configurable to calculate hydrocarbon gas or liquid flows; high precision analysis for multiple streams – fractional components of hydrocarbon gases may be entered as floating-point values with seven or more significant digit precision; completely automated control – the module is programmed, managed and monitored by the PLC or the SCADA system; complies with AGA 3, 7, 8 and MPMS Chapters 11 and 12.2 measurement standards; event log lockout security – prevents the overwriting of past events that have not yet been downloaded and archived in some off-module system; Modbus Dictionary – allows users to locate the Modbus address of needed data.

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