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The Liquisonic Plato measuring system with integrated Extract-Totalizer enables quality control and efficiency in brewing processes.

The ultrasonic sensor, which meets the requirements of hygienic and bypass-free installation conditions, measures the wort directly in the process.

Liquisonic Plato works drift-free and requires neither maintenance nor optical windows to the process.

The controller provides the analysis and visualisation of the process data.

The measuring system detects precisely and continuously the extract content during the lautering process so that the sparge water point can be determined exactly.

Liquisonic Plato controls the process in a targeted way.

For the application in the lauter tun, the system is equipped with the Extract-Totalizer, which calculates the current wort concentration with the wort flow during the complete lautering process.

The calculated value will be integrated in the controller and informs the brewer at any time about the averaged wort concentration, the initial extract in the downstream buffer tank or the wort boiler being filled.

With this knowledge, it is possible to minimise the costs of water and energy, and optimise the initial extract in the buffer tank or the wort boiler.

All information can be transferred to the process control system through several interface options, such as Profibus or analogue outputs.

As a result, a quality-safe and efficient interaction between the lautering and boiling processes can be ensured at any time.


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