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LMS has released LMS Virtual.Lab Revision 9, the latest version of its integrated solution for 3D functional performance simulation.

The LMS Virtual.Lab Revision 9 software suite features new BEM and FEM capabilities and a ray-tracing solution in LMS Virtual.LabAcoustics.

Industrial application solutions found in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion have been enhanced for improved usability, and there is a new thermal fatigue solution in LMS Virtual.Lab Durabiity as well as a MADYMO coupling safety feature in LMS Virtual.Lab Structures.

In addition to the work on LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics, LMS Virtual.Lab Motion has been extended with key industrial applications for driving dynamics, aerospace, wind, power-train noise and vibration, tracked vehicle and a 1D/3D co-simulation methodology for mechatronics system-level simulation.

Especially for thermal applications, LMS Virtual.Lab Durability’s thermal fatigue feature helps engineers analyse the impact of changing temperatures on fatigue behaviour to accurately evaluate fatigue on vital engine parts, exhaust systems and turbo chargers.

For the transportation safety market, the coupling with MADYMO occupant safety software permits users to easily position MADYMO crash-test dummies, and by integrating the MADYMO crash-test dummy with the vehicle FE model, users can perform complete occupant safety simulations.

LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. LMS enables its customers to get better products faster to market, and to turn superior process efficiency to their strategic competitive advantage. LMS delivers a unique combination of 1D and 3D virtual simulation software, testing systems, and engineering services. We are focused on the mission critical performance attributes in key manufacturing industries, including structural integrity, handling, safety, reliability, thermal management, fluid dynamics, comfort and sound quality. Through our technology, people and 30 years of experience, LMS has become the partner of choice for most of the leading discrete manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS, a Dassault Systèmes Gold Partner and SIMULIA Partner, is certified to ISO9001:2008 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world.

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