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LMT is offering a coating technology that can be applied to endmills for milling hardened materials and high tensile steels up to 68HRC.

It is believed by LMT to be a world first, creating a 200C higher tolerance to the working temperature of the tool over existing aluminium-nitride tool coatings.

The coating prevents surface cracking when cutting without coolant and enables the working life of the tool to be increased by at least 50 per cent while giving the capability to adopt higher machining rates of feed.

The Fette Nanosphere Red coating is a nano-composite multi-layer coating of titanium, aluminium and nitrogen (Tialsin) that also contains silicon.

It is 3um in depth with a hardness value of 4,000HV and is able to withstand a cutting temperature of up to 1,100C.

This specification enables hardened steels between 63 and 68HRC to be machined at up to 100m/min and is available on endmills from the LMT range between 1 and 20mm diameter.

Worn tools can also be reground and re-coated by LMT to ‘as new’ specification.

The coating has a high resistance to oxidation and prevents any plastic deformation of the nano-crystallite, eliminating any boundary slip in the matrix that forms the coating.

With the inclusion of silicon, this helps to create a red hardness that fuses seamlessly with the structure of the titanium, aluminium and nitrogen.

A recent rough milling trial without coolant on 58-59HRC steel using a 10mm diameter LMT Multiedge 4Feed HSC cutter with Nanosphere Red coating enabled the in-cut life of the tool to be increased from 25 to 65min against the incumbent tooling supplier.

The LMT coated cutter was run at 119m/min at a feed rate per tooth of 0.2mm/min, with a 3mm depth of cut.

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