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The failure of materials to chip when being turned and faced has now been addressed by LMT Boehlerit with the development of a range of inserts.

LMT’s BCU insert provides a combination of multi-layer coating and geometry that creates a particularly deep and sharp edge with extended cutting life over a range of materials.

The BCU insert overcomes problems of handling and managing long stringy swarf that wraps around tooling, clogs the machining zone, damages machined surfaces and creates a health and safety issue with its razor-sharp edges.

A key part of the new insert is a special design of chip breaker that runs virtually along the entire main and secondary cutting edges, and with the inclusion of a special contour grind, this creates a very ‘soft’ cutting performance and reduces any tendency for vibration to be set up, even on long, slender components.

With this geometry, the BCU insert will form the chip on two levels, which causes an immediate break-up of the swarf into manageable, short lengths.

In addition, with the choice of three multi-layer coatings from LMT – LC 215K, LC225K and LC 415Z, this means inserts can be applied to a range of materials, including super alloys where high performance and extended in-cut life is a further benefit.

LMT’s LC 215K coating is for use at the highest cutting speeds between 180 and 300m/min for fine or medium turning operations.

The special K coating gives high wear resistance and can be used on steel and grey cast iron.

LMT’s LC 225K is a tough universal grade for steel and easy-to-machine stainless steels at medium cutting speeds of 120-220m/min.

The insert is also effective on interrupted cutting cycles where its high durability and toughness can be efficiently applied.

With LMT’s LC 415Z ‘Nanolock’ multi-layered coated insert, which demonstrates extremely high combinations of hardness and toughness, up to 50 per cent greater in-cut life can be achieved on high-temperature, super-alloy materials such as Inconel and Titan.

The insert can be run at speeds of 40-60m/min on super alloys and stainless steels where the combined micro-grain carbide and nanocrystalline needle-like fusion of the coating prevents any separation under arduous machining conditions.

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