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A new generation of endmill cutters produced from powder-metallurgical high-speed steel (HSS) and offering a more consistent structure is now available from LMT.

The tooling range, marketed under the PM-Evolution banner, will provide a more consistent performance, have greater wear resistance due to higher hardness levels and is more robust than normal HSS cutting tools, according to LMT.

The PM-Evolution tool range covers a complete series of endmill for roughing, combined roughing and finishing as well as finishing tools for different material types.

Also included are slot drills, shell endmills, ball nose endmills, side and face milling cutters, form milling cutters, T-slot, angle, Woodruff and corner rounding concave cutters.

Each type of tool can be ordered with LMT’s A12 plus coating, which is said to offer improvements in durability and wear resistance, especially against cratering.

Due to the low levels of thermal conductivity created by the coating, any heat generated during the cutting process is restricted from being transferred into the body of the tool.

As a result, overall productivity increases from the coated HSS range can be to the order of 50 per cent.

As an example, from a recent tool trial performed by LMT comparing A12 plus coated and TiCN uncoated HSS endmills of 16mm dia and each with four cutting edges, both tools were run at 100m/min and a feed rate of 16mm/min.

By the time both tools displayed equal levels of wear, the coated version had covered 120m of cutting length against just 58m for the standard tool.

The complete range of PM-Evolution tools is outlined with application and cutting data in a 36-page brochure that can be obtained through LMT UK.

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