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Freescale Semiconductor has introduced four new low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) for wireless communications markets.

Featuring a small package footprint, the LNAs are ideal for applications from 100MHz to 2.5GHz, such as remote keyless entry (RKE) systems, smart metering, wireless local area network (WLAN) applications, global positioning systems (GPS), two-way radios, industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment, buffer amplifiers, mixers, gain blocks and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs).

Building on Freescale’s LNA portfolio, these products housed in leadless packages enable opportunities for designs requiring low height, minimum footprint and easy-to-solder solutions for applications with tight printed-circuit-board placements.

The MBC13917 is designed for 100MHz to 2.5GHz applications requiring high gain (27dB) and high reverse isolation (46dB).

This cascode amplifier configuration utilises an integrated bias network to reduce system complexity and costs.

The MC13850 targets 400MHz to 2.4GHz applications and has two selectable third order intercept point modes, enabling a lower current drain setting when a high intercept point is not required.

A bypass mode is available to preserve input intercept point under strong signal conditions.

The MC13851 is designed for 1,000MHz to 2.4GHz applications and features an integrated bypass switch to preserve third order intercept point performance in receivers operating in variable signal strength environments.

In active mode this enhanced SiGe product has a low noise figure and low current drain.

The MC13852 is optimised for 400 to 1,000MHz applications and features an integrated bypass switch to boost dynamic range and enable designs with very low overall current drain for high bypass mode duty cycles.

Freescale’s enhanced SiGe technology ensures low noise figure and low current drain in active mode.

The low current drain and noise figure in active mode associated with these SiGe products allow designers to reduce the overall system current budget and meet sensitivity performance requirements.

To speed design development, application designs are available for a range of application frequencies and include full characterisation and design information in Evaluation Kit Quick Start guides.

Characterised evaluation kits for each of these application frequencies are also available, along with s2p files and gain and noise circles.

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