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LNS will introduce the Sprint 542 and Alpha ST 320 bar feeders, a new human-machine interface, the Turbo MH500 conveyor and the Powerstream SA at EMO in Milan on 5-10 October 2009.

The Sprint 542 can be adjusted exactly to the customers needs.

Configuration is flexible – it can work with cone or collet, manual or automatic bar diameter adjustment, and with or without Z-axis retraction.

The bar feeder can process bars in a diameter range from five to 42mm.

It can handle round and profiled material and the whole range of standard lengths, from 2m to 4m bars.

To make the bar feeder – and the lathe – more productive, LNS has developed a new human-machine interface (HMI).

Touch-screens facilitate the troubleshooting process for operators and assist them in supervising the machine.

In addition, the E-connect enables fast and smooth Ethernet communication between the lathe and the bar feeder.

A web browser and internet connection will be all an operator needs to connect to the lathe.

LNS will present product innovations at EMO in Milan, but also set up a connection to its headquarters in Switzerland.

Visitors will be able to operate a bar feeder – via touch-screen – at a distance of 350km.

The company also offers chip disposal and coolant management systems (CCM) and other peripherals.

The Turbo MH500 can handle a range of applications, materials and chip types and guarantees good filtration to keep the machine tank clear of chips.

At EMO, LNS will also introduce the Powerstream SA, a high-pressure coolant (HPC) system.

The company said the aim with the new HPC system is to provide flexibility and increase productivity for customers.

LNS will also introduce the entry-level bar feeder, Alpha ST 320.

It has been developed especially for companies that run the same product all day long or do not change the settings too often.

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