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Doncaster-based The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company has installed equipment from Lock Inspection Systems to improve its HACCP programme.

The two combination systems (metal detector and checkweighers) and a single metal detector on conveyor each incorporate Lock’s Datachek management software.

Datachek assists compliance with HACCP principles by keeping a central record of inspection data that can be accessed, downloaded and analysed remotely.

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company produces a wide range of chilled and frozen pre-baked Yorkshire puddings to retailers, the food service industry and ready meal manufacturers throughout the UK, Europe and Canada.

To assist with production, the company has installed the Lock Weighchek checkweigher and Met 30+ Universal 3f metal detector, which are operated independently.

The Met 30+ Universal 3f was chosen to allow a wide range of products (including frozen and chilled) to be inspected on a single production line.

As all the systems are networked together with Lock’s management information system, the metal detector and checkweigher data can be accessed either from a remote PC or laptop.

The real-time status of the machines and products are monitored, enabling validation and performance reports to be produced and any problems identified instantly.

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company needed to be able to change checkweigher and metal detector parameters on a regular basis to achieve optimum performance.

By incorporating Datachek on all machines, production crews are now able to manage these changes from a remote location.

Installed at the end of the packing line, the systems provide the final check before goods are delivered to customers.

The pusher reject devices transfer contaminated, underweight or overweight packets from the line into a reject bin for manual checking.

Met 30+ Universal 3f metal detectors will automatically select one of three crystal frequencies according to whether the product being inspected is at ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures, or whether it is packed in polypropylene or metallised film.

By selecting the Met 30+ Universal 3f The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company can run its complete range of products on each packing line for maximum productivity.

For The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company, Lock provided a solution to address the need to comply with HACCP principles by offering a package tailored to its manufacturing requirements.

‘The Met 30+ Universal 3f and checkweigher are ideal for us, as the detector automatically switches frequency when a different product is introduced,’ said Paul Holmes, managing director.

‘The two-way communication system on the data management feature also provides useful feedback information on the metal detector and checkweigher performance.’ The company can now demonstrate clearly that it is compliant with HACCP principles.

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