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MAG Industrial Automation Systems has received an order from Lockheed Martin for two six-axis, CNC-controlled Autodrill systems to be used in the aerospace manufacturer’s plant in Marietta, Georgia.

Scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2011, the precision automated drilling and trimming systems will use a surface-detecting pressure foot to drill and countersink thousands of fastener holes through complex contoured surfaces comprised of stacked composite materials, aluminium and titanium for the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter’s Center Wing assembly.

These are the fourth and fifth MAG Autodrill systems sold to Lockheed Martin; the other three are located in the company’s plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

The latest drilling systems include an upgraded 24,000rev/min spindle and a new MAG head with integral vacuum ducting and no external hoses or wires.

The head design supports the porting of hoses, wires and cables through the head, versus external porting, to avoid interference during operation.

As a major component of the Center Wing work cell, the Autodrill systems are designed for continuous operation at a 100 per cent duty cycle for three shifts per day.

The systems are designed to be ergonomically friendly, with an emphasis on the accessibility and maintainability of components, and include MAG’s Freedom Elog software with an event-log tracking tool to assist with production engineering and maintenance.

The Autodrill systems will be enhanced with MAG’s advanced volumetric error compensation (VEC) capability for improved drilled hole positional accuracy.

Developed specifically for improving machining accuracies for large five-axis machine tools by 50 per cent or more, VEC analyses and corrects positioning errors in all machine-tool axes simultaneously.

This is a turnkey order, worth approximately USD7m (GBP4.8m), and includes installation, start-up and training.

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