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Loctite SI 5700 technical information sheet - .PDF file.

Henkel has introduced its Loctite SI 5700 silicone, which joins its existing range of encapsulating compounds designed for tough specifications relating to temperature resistance.

The Loctite SI 5700 is a highly transparent, two-compound silicone that offers good adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as metal, glass and plastics. 

While all the Loctite silicones are suitable for sealing lighting products against moisture, solvents and environmental conditions, the Loctite S1 5700 is said to retain its colourless clarity when exposed to UV light and elevated temperature.

It has been developed specifically for tasks such as sealing energy-efficient LED arrays, advertising signs, illuminated lettering, lighting façades and other outdoor applications.

The moulding produced with this material is bubble free, which the company says provides OEMs with the competitive advantage of products that look good throughout their service life.

Key product features

  • Transparent
  • Two-compound silicone
  • Offers good adhesion on metal, glass and plastics
  • Retains colourless clarity
  • Suitable for sealing lighting products
  • Bubble-free moulding

Henkel is the world market leader in state-of-the-art industrial adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products for a wide variety of engineering applications. Its leading brands for the industrial market are Loctite, Bonderite, Teroson, Aquence and Technomelt.

Strong customer focus, research and innovation, consistent quality and sustainable business practices have contributed to its record of success, as has continuous improvement in both its products and methods of manufacture.

The company applies its expertise to the entire value chain across the engineering sector. Whatever you build, manufacture, assemble or repair, its technical consultancy service will provide all the assistance and training you need to ensure you have the best product and the skill to apply to its best advantage.

Henkel brands are internationally renowned for their proven reliability and performance and the scope of the company’s product programme extends from cleaning and pre-treatment through to bonding, sealing, filling and protecting, coating and lubricating. 

Henkel is the only adhesive manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of products that are hazard-label free. Its Loctite Health and Safety series is suitable for the lion’s share of engineering applications and includes thread lockers, thread sealants, gasketing adhesives, retaining compounds and instant adhesives.

As both the product and its method of application dictate the quality of process, Henkel also has considerable expertise in the supply of dedicated dispensing equipment that, if necessary, can be bespoke to the application. This equipment ensures the product is applied quickly, cleanly, accurately and economically.

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