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Cox Instruments has introduced a version of its Loflo Series precision turbine flowmeter, incorporating an integrally mounted Cox 4080 flow computer.

This flow measurement system provides enhanced accuracy and linearity in blending, batching, chemical injection and other demanding industrial applications.

The Cox Loflo Series turbine flowmeter is designed for measuring flows as low as 0.006 gallons per minute (GPM).

The meter offers high accuracy and fast response to flow rate changes, and simplicity of construction with few parts.

It is repeatable to +/-0.25 per cent of reading, allowing an overall accuracy of +/-0.5 per cent.

It can be paired with the Cox 4080 flow computer to provide total flow compensation and enhance flow measurement accuracy, while linearising over the full range of the flowmeter.

Mounted directly on the meter or remotely, the Cox 4080 allows interchangeability without having to rescale the controller.

It also uses a ‘blade averaging’ technique to enhance low flow resolution.

In addition, the Cox 4080 incorporates enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology, allowing exceptional signal characterisation and fast response to output dynamic data in engineering units.

With this system, end users can employ one device for multiple signal outputs; no external amplifiers or signal conditioners are necessary.

Configurable interface software allows fluid selection, configuration of outputs and data logging.

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