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Logis-Tech Associates has announced the introduction of a new style Scangrip T-slot Clamp (Number 13) to its range of existing locking pliers.

The advantage of the Scangrip Number 13’s main feature is that it can be attached to a workbench, or machine bed with a T-slot, simply by using a single T-Nut and bolt.

The clamp can then grip and hold the workpiece against the workbench without difficulty, and is significantly quicker than using a traditional universal T-slot clamp.

The T-slot clamp takes up very little space on the workpiece, allowing easy access for work to take place.

The pressure pads protect vulnerable surfaces.

When working with particularly vulnerable surfaces, the pressure pads can be fitted with plastic protective pads.

Inserting and removing the workpiece can be made easier if the clamp is not bolted to the workbench too tightly.

By allowing a little ‘give’, the clamp can be swung to one side, or moved along the slot.

The clamp will hold securely regardless of whether or not it is bolted tight.

The other uses of the Scangrip Number 13 is an excellent clamping tool for drilling, fitting, glueing or welding jigs and so on.

Unintentionally moving the jig when locking the clamp is avoided as the clamping force is applied between the handles.

Scangrip Number 13 can also be used for milling or moulding templates, as it provides a secure fastening point.

Logis Tech Associates

Logis-Tech Associates are suppliers to many types of industries ofultrasonic leak detector sets. 

Ultrasonic leak detectors are easy-to-use, energy-saving, cost-effective detectors. They are instruments that serve two major functions:

Ultrasonic leak detector detection 

  • Air leak in compressed air systems
  • Leaks in tanks
  • Pipe system leaks
  • Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
  • Leaks in steam traps* leaking valves

Mechanical detection

  • Malfunctions or noise in bearings
  • Detection of worn gears and all movable mechanical parts.

Engineering programmes by distance learning 

Logis-Tech Associates also has a sub-division, A-1 Technical Training, an approved learning provider who deliver open/distance learning highernational certificate engineering training courses worldwide (SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) accredited) in several engineering disciplines. 

  • HNC electrical engineering
  • HNC mechanical engineering
  • HNC manufacture engineering
  • HNC electronics engineering
  • HNC engineering systems
  • HNC building services engineering
  • PDA in renewable energy systems
  • PDA in project management
  • HNC in engineering systems

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