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The portable Cable PD system from Logis-Tech Associates is designed to monitor the online partial discharge of MV and HV plant in order to provide a warning of pending insulation failures, thus allowing plant owners to take remedial maintenance action during planned outages.

According to the company, the earlier the warning can be made, the cheaper the maintenance or intervention costs will be.

Unlike offline testing, online partial-discharge testing and monitoring gives an accurate picture of the plant’s health and performance under normal service conditions, including the effects of load, temperature and humidity.

The Cable PD device can be implemented as portable partial-discharge testing equipment and as an online continuous monitoring system.

HV and MV plant that can be tested using the Logis-Tech system include cables and cable accessories, switchgear, instrument transformers, power transformers and bushings, motors, generators, surge arrestors and capacitors.

Key features

  • Bespoke software packages — allowing data acquisition, signal de-noising and classification, partial-discharge defect site diagnosis and localisation to be carried out in an autonomous manner
  • User-friendly graphical user interface — allowing the interrogation of results to be easily carried out by experts
  • Hardware/software filter system — designed to complement the software to deal with the strong noise that may be present in power generating stations
  • Database management system — allowing cable asset information to be effectively managed and partial-discharge testing results to be trend analysed

Logis Tech Associates

Logis-Tech Associates are suppliers to many types of industries ofultrasonic leak detector sets. 

Ultrasonic leak detectors are easy-to-use, energy-saving, cost-effective detectors. They are instruments that serve two major functions:

Ultrasonic leak detector detection 

  • Air leak in compressed air systems
  • Leaks in tanks
  • Pipe system leaks
  • Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
  • Leaks in steam traps* leaking valves

Mechanical detection

  • Malfunctions or noise in bearings
  • Detection of worn gears and all movable mechanical parts.

Engineering programmes by distance learning 

Logis-Tech Associates also has a sub-division, A-1 Technical Training, an approved learning provider who deliver open/distance learning highernational certificate engineering training courses worldwide (SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) accredited) in several engineering disciplines. 

  • HNC electrical engineering
  • HNC mechanical engineering
  • HNC manufacture engineering
  • HNC electronics engineering
  • HNC engineering systems
  • HNC building services engineering
  • PDA in renewable energy systems
  • PDA in project management
  • HNC in engineering systems

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