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A-1 Technical Training, the training division of Logis-Tech Associates, is offering a distance-learning course in three-phase power supply systems targeted at those working with little time to spare, those who work irregular hours, offshore workers, night-shift workers and those working in remote locations or overseas.

The HN Three Phase Systems module — fully accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and recognised worldwide — can be used for continuous professional development (CPD) purposes and can be studied anywhere in the world, at any time, at the student’s own pace.

The course is designed to help candidates know and understand the principles of three-phase systems. It provides them with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to describe the production and characteristics of a three-phase supply.

It also provides candidates with the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to determine voltages and currents in both balanced and unbalanced three-phase loads.

Course information

On completion of the unit, candidates should be able to:

  • Describe the production and characteristics of a three-phase supply
  • Analyse the response of balanced star and delta connected loads supplied by symmetrical three-phase supplies
  • Analyse the response of unbalanced star and delta connected loads supplied by three- and four-wire symmetrical three-phase supplies
  • Analyse power in three-phase loads

Logis Tech Associates

Logis-Tech Associates are suppliers to many types of industries ofultrasonic leak detector sets. 

Ultrasonic leak detectors are easy-to-use, energy-saving, cost-effective detectors. They are instruments that serve two major functions:

Ultrasonic leak detector detection 

  • Air leak in compressed air systems
  • Leaks in tanks
  • Pipe system leaks
  • Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
  • Leaks in steam traps* leaking valves

Mechanical detection

  • Malfunctions or noise in bearings
  • Detection of worn gears and all movable mechanical parts.

Engineering programmes by distance learning 

Logis-Tech Associates also has a sub-division, A-1 Technical Training, an approved learning provider who deliver open/distance learning highernational certificate engineering training courses worldwide (SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) accredited) in several engineering disciplines. 

  • HNC electrical engineering
  • HNC mechanical engineering
  • HNC manufacture engineering
  • HNC electronics engineering
  • HNC engineering systems
  • HNC building services engineering
  • PDA in renewable energy systems
  • PDA in project management
  • HNC in engineering systems

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