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A good air leak prevention programme will include identification, tracking, repair, verification, and employee involvement. EP542 and EP2400 ultrasonic acoustic leak detectors from Logis-Tech are said to be ideal for use in these programmes as they can recognise the high-frequency hissing sounds associated with air leaks.

The portable units consist of directional microphones, amplifiers and audio filters, and have visual indicators and/or earphones to detect leaks.

How to fix leaks

  • Leaks occur most often at joints and connections and in many cases are caused by loose connections, faulty equipment or bad or improperly applied thread sealant — high-quality fittings, disconnects, hose and tubing should be selected and installed properly with appropriate thread sealant
  • Non-operating equipment can be another additional source of leaks — equipment no longer in use should be isolated with a valve in the distribution system
  • Another way to reduce leaks is to lower the demand air pressure of the system — the lower the pressure differential across an orifice or leak, the lower the rate of flow, so reduced system pressure will result in reduced leakage rates
  • Stabilising the system header pressure at its lowest practical range will minimise the leakage rate for the system
  • Once leaks have been repaired, the compressor control system should be re-evaluated to realise the total savings potential

Logis Tech Associates

Logis-Tech Associates are suppliers to many types of industries ofultrasonic leak detector sets. 

Ultrasonic leak detectors are easy-to-use, energy-saving, cost-effective detectors. They are instruments that serve two major functions:

Ultrasonic leak detector detection 

  • Air leak in compressed air systems
  • Leaks in tanks
  • Pipe system leaks
  • Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
  • Leaks in steam traps* leaking valves

Mechanical detection

  • Malfunctions or noise in bearings
  • Detection of worn gears and all movable mechanical parts.

Engineering programmes by distance learning 

Logis-Tech Associates also has a sub-division, A-1 Technical Training, an approved learning provider who deliver open/distance learning highernational certificate engineering training courses worldwide (SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) accredited) in several engineering disciplines. 

  • HNC electrical engineering
  • HNC mechanical engineering
  • HNC manufacture engineering
  • HNC electronics engineering
  • HNC engineering systems
  • HNC building services engineering
  • PDA in renewable energy systems
  • PDA in project management
  • HNC in engineering systems

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