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Loma Systems has introduced the CW3 combination checkweigher and metal detector for the food-production industry.

The CW3 saves valuable line space and offers the benefit of adapting to a range of different products because of its variable-frequency metal detection and its versatile checkweighing capabilities.

It features the superior performance and accuracy of a CW3 Checkweigher with the high sensitivity of an IQ3+ Metal Detector.

This eliminates the expense of a separate conveyor for the metal detector.

The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely, rejecting out-of-tolerance products, while the metal detector consistently detects and rejects contaminated products.

The high speed and accuracy of the CW3 combination checkweigher and metal detector, coupled with the easy-to-use single touchscreen interface with dual controls for both machines, makes product change fast and simple.

This also simplifies and speeds up data entry and operator training, significantly reduces possible operator errors and increases productivity.

It also quickly and easily provides documentation and statistics on production quality.

The metal detector’s variable frequency can be automatically calibrated in a matter of seconds, allowing for optimum speed and efficiency.

Frequency data for many different products can be stored, allowing for ease of operation and optimum sensitivity across a variety of products.

This also ensures minimum set up time when inspecting different products.

The checkweigher is versatile and can weigh a range of flexible and rigid packs up to 1.5kg.

The unit is available in line heights of between 700 and 1200mm and system lengths of 1900 to 2900mm.

It has a capacity to inspect up to 400 products per minute.

Output signals from the metal detector and checkweigher operate independent rejects.

One rejects metal-contaminated products, while the other rejects off-weight products.

This feature keeps metal-contaminated products separate from potentially reusable off-weight products.

It comes with three reject options; an air blast, pusher or a diverter, enabling compatibility with different types and sizes of products.

A clear benefit of a combined system is the low cost of ownership and the cost saving compared with a separate checkweigher and metal detector.

In addition to the ease of maintenance and high reliability, the flexibility of the design ensures that changes in the line layout can be accommodated.

It is built with heavy-duty conveyor components and high quality electronics.

It is designed for tough industrial environments, meeting IP65 environment wash-down specifications.

The CW3 combination has an industry standard OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control) system, allowing operation managers to readily and easily integrate the equipment into existing factory data-capture networks.

These reports are often requested by major multiples to ensure quality levels are being maintained and upheld.

Loma has recognised that a data-capture system is integral to ensure an accurate quality-control regime that can be accessed simply and quickly.

The compact design of the machinery and its quick-release belts allow for simplified cleaning procedures.

The machine includes a performance-validation system (PVS) that automatically prompts the operator to test performance at pre-set intervals, conforming to HACCP standards and producing detailed records of any contaminants found.

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