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Loma Systems has launched X-ray systems from its X4 range – the Loma X4 SideShoot and Loma X4 FinePitch.

The Loma X4 X-ray SideShoot is a food-industry system designed for accurate inspection of vertically oriented packages and products.

The X4 SideShoot is suitable for products that are taller than they are wide and can inspect packs up to 2830mm high.

The unit has the capacity to inspect over 600ppm (90m/min) and can easily be integrated into high-speed lines.

The Loma X4 X-ray FinePitch has been developed for maximum sensitivity, while producing advanced image processing for customers who require an accurate safety-inspection solution.

The X-ray unit is suitable for processors and manufactures that require a sensitive inspection for difficult applications, such as very small chicken-bone splinters.

The unit has fine-grain image processing with diode arrays.

All models within the Loma X4 X-ray range can identify improperly packaged product for: size, shape, length, fill level, component count and presence.

The range also has the capacity to inspect for a variety of foreign body contaminants such as: glass, stone, calcified bone, high-density plastics and rubber.

The integrity of both systems meets the IP55 ‘harsh environment’ washdown specifications and enhanced protection for high temperatures.

Their design makes them easy to clean, having paid keen attention to minimising bug-traps, and the bead-blast surface of the machine is water repellent to stop cleaning solutions settling.

All units are constructed in stainless steel and feature a high-speed USB sensor and Windows XP operating system, which has a simple Ethernet connection and a PC interface.

Reject systems will also provide separate signals for each type of non-conformity so that contaminated and improperly packaged products can be kept separate.

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