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Loma Systems will be exhibiting its range of end-of-line inspection solutions for the food-processing and packaging industry at the IFFA show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Loma will also be showcasing two versions of its flagship IQ3 metal-detector system, the IQ3+ Metal Detector Conveyor and the IQ3+ Pipeline.

The IQ3+ metal detector conveyor has an increased immunity to vibration, electrical interference, case distortion and thermal shock.

It is a true variable-frequency machine, able to operate at any frequency between 40 and 900kHz, with the ability to select the correct operating frequency in seconds.

The IQ3+ Pipeline is suitable for pumped-liquid and semi-liquid products, including diced, ground and chopped meat.

It has a clear, highly visible touch screen and delivers noise-free detection due to its high field strength.

Compatible with Handtmann and Vemag fillers, it can also be supplied with almost any Hand Filler, Clipper or Linker application.

The IQ3+ Pipeline complies with IP69K standards, meaning the machine can withstand the harshest environment and cope with high-pressure wash down.

The unit is constructed in bead-blasted stainless steel and features a height-adjustable stand assembly to allow easy and convenient cleaning.

The unit has robust quick-release fittings that enable it to be easily dismantled and cleaned.

HACCP and retailer compliance is made simple by the IQ3 Performance Validation System (PVS), which automatically prompts the operator to test the performance at preset intervals, according to HACCP principles.

Loma will also be showcasing the next-generation CW3 checkweigher and IQ3 metal detector combination machine.

The compact and versatile CW3 combined checkweigher and metal detector can be engineered to suit individual application requirements, and weighs a range of flexible and rigid packs up to 6kg.

The CW3 combined checkweigher and metal detector is entirely constructed of stainless steel.

The high-quality electronics guarantee optimum reliability and the flexible variable frequency detection adapts to new products and packages within seconds.

The CW3 combined checkweigher and metal detector it said to be simple to use and both machines can be operated from one single graphical colour touch-screen control panel.

The machine has a USB connection and a PC interface, making it easy to produce diagnostic and statistical reports of performance with an option to download these either to memory stick or to a factory network.

Complementing the checkweighing and metal detection products on show, Loma will also be displaying its X4 Spacesaver X-ray inspection system.

This system allows the detection of minute contaminants, including bone, rubber and plastic, and even products packaged in metal foil can be scanned.

The Loma X4 Spacesaver has all the key features of the larger, standard Loma X4 but with the addition of smaller rollers on the in-feed and out-feed, which improves the transfer of small products, particularly at high speed.

This design change delivers a smaller footprint, which is suitable for line integrators and food manufacturers.

Loma will also be showcasing its OPC and Lomaenet systems, designed to help quality managers in the food industry to use their inspection equipment as a management tool and process control.

The Ethernet-based OPC system can benefit companies with multiple checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray systems, as it amalgamates weight, overfill data and contaminant-detection performance reports – presenting them centrally in a format that can be easily presented and understood.

Products can be set remotely and equipment changed to suit new production runs, without the need for operator intervention on the line.

With customised screens, the user can define the type of information best suited to the process in order to optimise efficiency and minimise costs.

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