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Loma Systems has supplied its X4 Bulk X-ray system to dried-pulse company Askew and Barrett for its de-stoner machine systems, enabling the company to produce contaminant-free products.

Loma’s system can identify metal and non-metallic contaminants such as stone, glass, calcified bone, high-density plastics and rubber, and its high-speed technology is designed to guarantee optimium productivity.

It incorporates advanced image processing, simple set-up routines and the ability to detect other product defects such as component count, zone mass measurement and shape conformity.

Reject systems will also provide separate reject signals for each type of non-conformity so that contaminated and improperly packaged products can be kept separate.

The X4 X-ray features a high-speed USB sensor and Windows XP operating system, and all models have an intuitive graphical touch-screen display.

Askew and Barrett also uses two Loma Freefall metal detectors at the end of the processing line, which identify any metal contaminants that occur during processing.

The company also took advantage of Loma’s Platinum Service Contract to ensure sustained production levels and expert backup support.

With a comprehensive range of metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray systems, Loma provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for all food-product inspection requirements.

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